Breast augmentation is the surgical method of bringing the sizes of breasts of people who are not satisfied with their appearance or size for genetic or subsequent reasons to the desired sizes using prostheses called silicone.


It is a surgery performed to ensure that women who complain about the size of their breasts are comfortable by all means

In order to ensure symmetry in breast reduction surgery, different surgical techniques may be required to be applied to both breasts. For ladies, breast is important both for appearance and from an aesthetic point of view and from health point of view. Especially during pregnancy and after childbirth, breast growth occurs. This size improves in some patients and the breast gets smaller. In some patients, it gets smaller, but sagging might occur.

The fact that the breast is saggy and large creates various problems in the patient. It causes back and neck pain, fungal infection and diaper rash, inability to find suitable clothes, dimpling and scarring due to a bra strap in the shoulder area, and the desire to always hide your chest with a cardigan. This situation sometimes causes neck and lumbar hernia, which goes with numbness in the arms. Patients may sometimes have to have surgery due to a hernia. All of this can be prevented by having a breast aesthetic surgery to be performed for these patients.



It is the name given to the silicone-coated prostheses produced for the purpose of breast augmentation aesthetics, which has a special gel or liquid (saline) inside.


Liposuction, or the operation popularly known as fat removal, is applied to remove excess fats from the body that are located in different parts of the body, which cannot be eliminated by diets, regional Decimation or different treatments.

People who want to have liposuction surgery should consider 2 points;

Fat removal surgery should not be performed for the purpose of regional slimming treatment.

In this surgery, only excess fats that have been formed in the body what should be in the natural body structure, are taken. Excessive fat intake can lead to health disease.



4D Liposuction is a method of performing applications such as vaser, laser, radiofrequency and infrasonic lipolysis at the same time.

Vaser Liposuction: It is a fat burning procedure with ultrasound waves.

Laser Lipolysis: It is the name given to the fat burning process with laser waves.

Radiofrequency Liposuction: It is a fat burning procedure with sound waves.

Infrasonic Lipolysis: It is the application of fat burning with vibration waves.


There are important reasons that creates the need of tummy tuck surgery;

When the patient wears clothes, there are inconveniences of these areas,

There may be unpleasant odor and diaper rash on the lower parts of the abdomen.

You cannot get results by going on  a diet or doing sports against excessive sagging.  In this case, abdominoplasty is recommended.

If the cause of stretch marks on the body is not pregnancy but weight gain and loss, it is beneficial to perform the surgery at the end of the weight loss process.



It is a plastic surgery performed to eliminate the deformations that occur in the abdominal fat tissue and relaxation in the abdominal muscles due to excessive weight gain and loss, childbirth, nutrition style and gravity.


Beginning with nose aesthetics, eyebrow lifting, eyelid surgery, ears aesthetics, neck and facelift surgery, jaw aesthetics, lower eyelid and cheek  surgeries are the medical applications. 


Butt aesthetics is the process of reducing the sagging excess fat in the region by removing the adipose tissue. The incision mark remains under the butt. Every part of our body should be in accordance with the other.

The butt, waist and abdomen should all be in harmony. When this aesthetic proportion disappears, a straight line appears. For this reason, if there is a deficiency at any point, it should be replaced and taken if there is an excess.

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